Their names are Christoph and Laura and they both emit an energy that is irresistible.  Together as a couple, they are unaware of their power.  Bets are, they are going to do life together beautifully, shaking up the ordinary, fearlessly and effortlessly we will watch them glide through life’s transition.  The factors that are thrown at us in life and relationships, they will fare together.

To my delight, I share with you Laura and Christoph Keller’s royal like affair.  Many hands were involved in creating this, I was the one that was able to attempt to capture what the human eye saw and the human heart-felt.  The team of vendors will be listed at the bottom.












Love Life Stories by Carper Creative Photography

Amy Carper – Owner, Photographer/ website:

Event Planner:  Rachel Haynes/ website:

Hanks Furniture Rentals:

Floral : Tanarah Luxe Floral/ website:

Cake: TracyCakes/

Catering:  Simply the Best/  website:



Vintage Motor Cars

Arkansas Arts Center:



My Joy

Reading about where joy comes from, was where I was led to this week.  After too many sad stories of broken dreams, hatred, cutting lives short.  I became overwhelmed with sadness.

I remembered a book that I had fallen in love with a couple of years back, “One Thousand Gifts”, by Ann Voskamp.  She wrote about the true meaning of Joy, what it means and specifically where and when it decides to emerge.

Ann, in her own unique use of words says:

“Fullness of joy is only discovered in the emptying of will.  I hadn’t known that joy meant dying.  All these years, these angers, these hardening, this desire to control, I had thought I had to snap the hand closed to shield joy’s fragile flame from the blasts.  In the storm of struggles, I had tried to control the elements, clasp the fist tight so as to protect self and happiness.  But palms curled in to protective fists fill with darkness.  I feel that sharply, even in this…and this realization in all its full emptiness: My own wild desire to protect my joy at all costs is the exact force that kills my joy”.

This hit me hard, as it was truth in my life.

I do not have control of how much joy I feel, but I can do two things that instantly evoke it in me:  dancing to music that I love and being around kids.  You are the lucky one that there is not a dance video of me attached, but I am fairly sure that it would bring you a laugh.  I do want to share an image that shows my joy, it is my sweet client Penelope sitting with me in the middle of the shoot when everyone needed a small breather, so her brother asked if he could take my picture.  If you know me really well, you will know that this is something that is hard for me.  I am really uncomfortable in front of the camera, I will be working on this at some point in my life, but it wasn’t going to be that day.  Joseph, the brother was maybe six years old, my camera was on a tripod, what could it hurt?  All of the reasons I have liability insurance, Joseph snapped away and Penelope wanted to sit with me.  Joy, there it is, unbridled joy.



Beauty with age

Recently, I had a dear friend ask to buy one of my prints.  It was an image that “he had to have”. Actually he said, “I need it”.  I understood this feeling well, when I see something that moves me.

This is the image shot, in northern Italy,  in front of a home built in the mid-1600’s.  The woman was the kind home owner that allowed us to photograph on her property.  The shot was at the last frame of the day, hosting us for a bit of cheese, figs and their estate’s wine.  I will never forget this experience.



My beautiful associate, Stacy Kinzler was our model/stylist for our Italian excursion.  We were working on building a portfolio  for an estate that is seeking American brides, but on the days were we were not shooting the wedding, we created, and created and created…



This has been a dream of mine for a very long time and to have it come to fruition, well it’s hard to put in to words.  It’s emotional, it’s raw and it is vulnerable. Ciao!


Heart of a location

IMG_7651 with b07wo font_1I was able to move into a studio of my dreams last year.  It was time, as the company was being run out of 700 square feet and had to get really creative on where to shoot, it was time.

My sweet husband who can visualize in the brain, knowing I needed it to be at least 2d, he made me a pop up (a literal 3d model made from paper, scotch tape and scissors.).  All of the reasons he is the Ying to my Yang.

We began the remodel and here we went.  Trip to Dallas, Home Depot and vintage lumber yards, it was coming together great!

Then the day before we moved in, the main sewer line broke that was underneath my slab in the middle of my concrete floor.  I decided to hide under my covers that day and hoped that it was repairable.  All was restored and we moved in the next day.  As they were digging, there was something very precious found, a sliver spoon.  We dated it back with the markings and it was manufactured in the mid 1800’s.  We carefully placed it in a shadow box and shared it with my lovely building owner.  I will always wish a silver soon on the first day of business.

So as I journey, it is still a journey and on the journey I go.

amy carper

Forgetting what summer is like…please remind.

Rain, rain go away.  IT’s either the answer to the farmer’s prayer or a curse that he has feared.  Either way, its wet, gloomy and frizzles your hair-do.


I decided to share just a little bit of what summer looks like here at Carper Farm.  We had the privilege of hosting a backyard wedding for my brother in law Phillip and his bride Stephanie (btw, LOVE HER!  Finally another woman on the Carper side).  I also gained Anna Belle, now my niece and oh how she makes life sweet.

You will see summer solstice, as you are taken away by the greenery.  Remember people, summer equals hot!  With this, enjoy a Friday evening, with still a bit of chill in the air as all is preparing for spring.

Love and Breathe,

015_K311_Carper wedding022_K311_Carper wedding032_K311_Carper wedding053_K311_Carper wedding070_K311_Carper wedding
102_K311_Carper wedding084_K311_Carper wedding191_K311_Carper wedding_1133_K311_Carper wedding149_K311_Carper wedding_1166_K311_Carper wedding_1193_K311_Carper wedding197_K311_Carper wedding228_K311_Carper wedding252_K311_Carper wedding255_K311_Carper wedding256_K311_Carper wedding319_K311_Carper wedding_1

amy carper


IT never gets old

IT hurts yet heals

IT evens out fields

IT  trumps the EGO, always.

IT is ageless

IT is limitless

IT holds no prejudices

IT always wins

-amy carper

Ben and Ellianna, it was great to spend V-day with you.  Stunning couple, looking forward to seeing your story together unfold.


Boys becoming men and the power of connection

It is easier for me to say that I do not need “anyone”  than it is admitting that I need “someone”. -amy carper


The reason for this is because when we say that we “need” something or someone, actually hearing ourselves forming the words and telling this to someone, makes us feel vulnerable and potentially weak.  Hopefully, you have chosen wisely the person that will hear you.  Regardless of the recipients response, you have been brave.

This type of exchange is very natural for children, they are less likely to feel bad for asking  for something that they need, they do it without fear or hesitation.  The beauty of asking has faded away with responses of rejection, shame and judgement.  A reminder to our self not to try that again.

I am learning the power of connection.  Photographing these brothers, reminded me of the importance of connection, true connection.  You will see that there is no question that these brothers share something very special.


“I feel a bit envious of childhood, next best thing is to stay close to it”.




‘Tis the season on the Manor- a photographic project

IMG_5815 IMG_5796

Creative synergy and pure beauty is just the start to the Goodwin Manor shoot.  Deliberately using a red gown, by Valentino, gave us the drama that we were searching for.

We will be sharing this for the next few days, we ended in a woman’s tuxedo that was kindly provided by Beige clothing boutique in down town Little Rock, next to Amy’s studio.



IMG_5692 Here is the creative crew that made it all happen:

Love Life Stories by Carper Creative Photography

Amy Carper – Owner, Photographer/ website:

Rachel Haynes/  website:

Tanarah Luxe Floral/ website:

Andrea Goodwin, Owner
Goodwin manor/


BEIGE : website:

Hair:   Rachael Young/

Make up:  Angel Burt/

Levi Miller & Anthony Byrnes Forestland Films/

Brooke Duszota
Model Manager with Sculp Agency/ 

IMG_5612IMG_5643 IMG_5639 IMG_5606 IMG_5600 IMG_5584

The Loving Gary Family…

The colors along with the aura in the air made this shoot extra special! We chose charming pastel colors for the families attire which made this shoot especially dreamy. They are such a genuinely loving family and the brother and sister are truly best friends. It makes me smile looking back on these photos and excited to meet with them in the next weeks to plan their photo collection for their family history wall. Did I say I love my job?

Amy Carper






Happy Birthday week for Stacy Kinzler…a friend, a mother and an amazing photographer

My friendship started with this amazing woman when she was in high school.  She graced her senior portraits and is still gracing me with her beauty and heart!  Her and I were in Italy this time last year, opening up new borders for us to work and expand.  There is not another person in this world, besides Chris that I would rather do this with.

She holds a wisdom beyond her years, mothers with heart-gripping joy and savors even the difficult!  The only time I have seen her losing patience, was when United lost our bags and her and I sported the same clothes for 4 days, prior to getting our luggage….heeee heeee, I got to Stacy in rare form.

Thank you for being a part of my business, but more than that, in my family’s life.  There is no one like you!

11_K269_kinzler website images
10_K269_kinzler website images 07_K269_kinzler website images 02_K269_kinzler website images

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