Stretch Marks

As I am still in the process of figuring out the reason for my blog, I will continue to just write until then.  Chris (my honey) and kids just returned from a small hiatus.  We spent the last 10 days in New Mexico/Colorado.  I must confess that I did not know what day it was most of the vacation, not because of vodka, but because I did not care to know.  As Chris and I were driving back, we got into a great conversation just as we were on the outskirts of Little Rock.  We do this every time we go away to hide, I just wish it would have started in Oklahoma, because we have yet to finish it.  But, the conversation consisted of where we were both at with our jobs, what we wanted to be different in 2011 and dreamed of some desires that we had for the new year.  These conversations always stir me up.  I can just feel life’s “stretch marks” doing a number on me again, but yet I love it!  We decided that we need some more adventure in our lives.  I am serious, I think that we have lived in the same house now for 6 years, which is the longest in 17 years of marriage.  B.C. (our lives before kids) we traveled in a band and went abroad every year on tour.  We were a bit gypsy like, when we were in a place for too long, it was time to move on.  Now we are normal and I am not sure what we think of it.  So, I think this year we might attempt to go back to our old ways a little.  I am researching a biking, camping trip for our family.  We have not yet chosen the area, I am pulling for North Carolina, but Chris is fighting me on it.  I am rooting for Lederhosen, but my pre-teen laughs, not sure what they are.  They would be really practical though, my mom said that you don’t wash them, you brush them.  Just pack fresh undies and shirts!  I will blog the photo of us brushing each others Lederhosen if it does happen.  So, for now I am enjoying the post Christmas high and thinking about jogging my butt off next week to get back into shape from the holiday.

Oh, I did get to ski, it was a blast.  Last time I skied  was the Swiss Alps, needless to say I was sore.

Until next time…-amy

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