Worth Preserving?

Happy New Year!  We are almost through January and I am just now sending out my New Year’s cards!  I took a much needed vacation and came home with some new ideas.  While I was away, there was a lot of my brain that seemed to clear up.  Getting out of my regular routine and then coming back to my life, I was able to see things a bit differently.  I also photographed this awesome  bull dog named DC.  For some reason I thought about all the millions of digital images that are taken every day in our homes.  We photograph our dogs our kids, our parties and friends.  All of these images were worth taking the time to record, but then they remain virtual, until we decide to do something with them, about once a year.  Last year I had 2 hard drives crash on me, luckily everything was backed up, but it was not an experience that anyone should go through.  This hit home to me that we need to print our history out!  Printers are becoming obsolete or we are printing out our own at home, surely if the ink costs a lot ,then they must be prints that last forever, right?  No.  If you got a fancy camera for Christmas, then you need to find a great printing system that works for you.  Otherwise, the images will remain virtual and we will not be able to record forever history with our memories.  I will be exploring resources that might make it easier for you to accomplish this very important task, so that your memories will be tangible not just virtual.  

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