Final and Forever.

Here are a few items that were finished that I wanted to share.  The four panel wrap was for  Natalie Ghidotti,  a talented PR gal in Little Rock, AR.   Her children are adorable and fun and we shot having an idea that she wanted this to be a striking installation.  They are gallery wraps that are about 2 inches thick, archival  print on canvas and stretched around a frame.

This next one was created for Lauren Quick-Strother, with At Home in Arkansas She has an awesome sense of style and knows what she wants!  I love this about her, so we worked well together.  After many proof designs, we finally went to print and loved the final product.  The size is 14×11 and the printing is beautiful!  All of our hard work was finally printed for her to treasure forever.  I swear when we finish one of these, its like delivering a baby-well not quite, but you get it!  She chose an italian leather, with their name embossed on the inside front cover, which is the new trend.  It leaves the outside clear and clean.  The design is simple and outstanding.  She did not over do the amount of images, which really keeps it beautiful and not overwhelming.  Thanks Lauren, for your patience and I will miss you stopping by for a proof review, now we will just have to go out for a glass of wine after work sometime.  What a great Christmas gift for you and Lee!  Oh and I almost forgot to add that Lauren has an archival copy of her album via digital layouts, so that if anything were to happen to the album, she can bring it back to me and we can reprint the album.  We have worked so hard on this, that I want there to be a guarantee that she WILL have it forever.

One thought on “Final and Forever.

  1. Amy, these pictures are just so special. I am just imagining my grandchildren looking at them and asking all sorts of questions about what their parents did when they were little and how it was growing up with “Nonno” and “Nonna.” Can’t wait to add more to the collection!

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