Baby….it’s cold outside!

I hope that you are staying warm.  I have not blogged for a few days as I took the weekend off from work and tried to stay electronic free!  I took my kids roller skating and I LOVED it!  I was big into this in middle school.  On Sunday afternoons, my grandma would roller skate with me.  Mission Bay had a great skate/bike path, assuring that she would wear her wrist and knee guards, she was awesome.  After the skate, she would take me to get a whopper at Burger King.

Somehow, my parents met a guy who made custom roller skates (only in CA) and they bought me and my grandma skates for our birthday.  We both shared October birthdays, and I think she was turning 60 and I 13.  My skates were red leather with big white yarn balls on the laces.  The balls had bells and the laces were silver sparkle!  Hers were not quite as LOUD, a bit more classy (bone with baby blue Balls).

This weekend, I am getting the skates out.  They should still fit as I wore a size 8 by 12 years of age.  I will take a photo of them as they are quite amazing.  Did you know that skating really works your glutes?  I will not photo that.

These photographs are two brothers,  11 and 12 years old.  They are not my sons, but  handsome and sweet boys.  Their  mom freaked out one morning and realized that her little guys were changing everyday and she did not have a current photograph to remember her smooth faced guys.  Before, he grew a beard or started hibernating in his room as a teenager, we captured these 2 brothers.  They are very different, so I photographed them separately and toned them to their unique coloring.  They will hang next to  each other, printed on cotton and fine art mounted.  This is from the Lilly White series that I created for this age of child-expressions of innocence is the tag line to describe this vital time in a child’s life.  From boys to men.

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