We want our kids to like their rooms.  Especially on the days that they are confined to them from naughty behavior.  So, we come up with a theme or our 5 year olds say that they want the walls to be black (a recent incident in the Carper home).  We want the room to reflect what our children are about or what is special to them.  But, then you think…….as you are eating your morning low carb breakfast……what do I hang on the walls?  If you are like me, scotch tape and posters are not allowed.  We have had Justin Bieber, basketball players, Ryan Mallet, race cars, the Jonas Brothers and many more, rolled up and stored in their closets never to be hung (because I am mean).  Kirkland’s is a bit generic and PB teen is great, but some of the trendy, spendy wall art is and might not transfer to the next fav theme.

I love the idea of using photography to use in kid’s rooms.  This photograph of an old vintage Les Paul, which my friend let me borrow, made the perfect subject for my son’s room.  He loves music, especially rock.  Chris and I did not want to invest in something that he was going to outgrow, so now that he is 11, he has grown into his room.  The next project was going to be a portrait of a black and white chicken named Spitz.  His breed is crazy, Spitz looked like he wore a hair piece, a big fluff on the top of his head.  My son raises chickens, but we were going to make it real commercial and modern looking.  The bad news is that Spitz was killed last week, not for dinner, but by a opossum.  So there will be no rug wearing chicken for a while gracing his walls.  BTW, we did trap the opossum and he has been relocated…..maybe to heaven, I do not know.

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