New is scary ….

From the beginning of this year, I have been given a clearer picture of my life.  It seems to always come as you least expect it, but I had been begging God for a “defining moment”, so why should I be surprised when it arrived?   Most of the time when I am really desperate to know something and seek, I want instant answers, as I am learning to sit and wait in the meantime, which is a whole other post.

Or not.

I do not want to give the wrong impression to the two people who read this, my mom and my PR chick.  I do not have all the answers, but somehow I have become comfortable with waiting on them. 

Which brings me to “what” the clearer picture looked like of my life?  I knew that I would be branching out this year in to different area of my creativity.  Briskly, the idea was conceived to instruct a class.  I named  it “Insider Training”.  I wanted it to be useful, reasonably priced, fun, inspiring and possibly enlightening.  As we began promoting the first class, which was held Feb. 26, 2011, I really wanted to keep it fairly small.  I seem to be extroverted in a group, but am so much more comfortable one on one with people.  As the seminar drew closer, I felt nervous.  As my teaching material came together, after many hours, I began to feel better.  I just wanted it to be so applicable, not wasting anyone’s time or money.  I guess the name of the class should have been “How to use your camera, NOT on AUTO”.  Here are the students with me at the first ever “Insider Training I” and a photograph of the classroom.

I am doing another stage one class April 23rd.  An Insider Training II, will happen in early summer, this will be a creative class that will cover composition and reviewing your images as you have learned to use your camera, as well as composition and lighting.

I thank the people who attended and appreciate your abilities to learn to become better at something that you love!

8 thoughts on “New is scary ….

  1. Hi Amy,
    How/where do you register for the class?
    And can you recommend a couple decent cameras for the beginner? Must-have accessories?

    • Hi Crystal,

      Thanks for reading my blog! You can email the office at to register for the class. I would love to have you. As far as cameras, I am a bit partial to the canon rebel, but I have heard great things also about Nikon, cannot really tell you what model would be parallel to the rebel. So much of the quality is in the lenses. I recommend that you spend the money on the canon 50mm 1.8, you will love this lens. I think if you have the budget, the canon flash 550ex is a great one, but there might be another option that is less expensive for the hobbiest. I hope that this helps, as it can seem really overwhelming!

      Thanks again,

      Amy Carper

    • I am so glad. I think we have set the date for class number two for June 4, but you will get an official invite soon. It will be a very creative class. Hope you can come.
      Many thanks,


  2. Okay, so…
    1. We thank YOU for having the class! It was great.
    2. In the spirit of our new found info…what lens/settings achieved the photo of the room which is nice and makes it look HUGE! I remember it being much smaller, although that could’ve just been all the cold medicine distorting my perspective. 😉

    • Hi Heather,

      I used a 16-35 lens, and yes you are correct, it is why this lens is popular among archiectural photographers. I am glad that you enjoyed the class. I pray that you will have some defining and clear moments as you are searching for what you are supposed to do. You were a joy and I have always thought you are wonderful!



  3. Amy,
    I love seeing you through your writing. I believe you could write a book. What you write is interesting and easy to understand. I love you and appreciate you listening to me and understanding. Its nice to have a daughter.
    Love, Nancy

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