Egg factory

It is spring and the lady hens know it!  Kenneth is loading up the cartons so we can deliver them to our precious friends who buy his eggs.  If you did not know this already, we raise a small amount of chickens for their eggs.  This week we have reached a production high of almost a dozen a day.  My eleven year old said today that our chickens are the happiest chickens in the world!  We also donated eggs to be hatched at our kids school, and we welcomed baby chicks into the world on Friday.  There will be baby chick photos to come I promise.  For those who don’t “get this”, your forgiven.  For those who have chickens then you understand.  It has given our family something to work on together and enjoy the benefits of farm fresh eggs and the delight of witnessing the cycle of life.  So, thanks for letting me share a personal event outside of photography.  I think I will be baking a lot of Quiche and whipping up egg salad this week!  – amy

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