Another era.

If you have not had the privilege to visit Arkansas’ own Marlsgate Plantation than you have missed something truly amazing.  I would ruin it if I attempted to share with you the history, so you should go on a tour out there and hear it directly from David Garner, the owner of the estate.  He holds breathtaking events, weddings, luncheons and teas….can you tell that I am a fan?  To check out more, you can go to:  I photographed Marlsgate Plantation in 2006 for a photographic coffee table book, that was actually when I was still shooting film.

Next, you will see Mrs. Sarah Sturdivant-Jones bridal portraits, photographed mid-July at Marlsgate.  Her dress is amazing, she wore a large underskirt like in the Victorian days and with the house being our backdrop, I thought for a moment that I was time traveling.  Enjoy!  Amy

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