The Canoe and the Unknown


When life sends you some unexpected curves, you have two choices.  You can either let anxiety and fear rule your castle , where somehow you think that this is going to change or improve the situation.  The other alternative is that you can attempt to realize that the illusion of “control” is a mere illusion.  I do realize that having to roll with the situation can be difficult, taxing and helpless, but do you think that worry and fear will make the situation improve any quicker?  Does the anxiety allow us to help ourselves during this predicament?  The other side is like lying down in a canoe and floating down a river without oars.  Only seeing what is above you and being forced to trust out of mere desperation.  This vulnerable state forces us to have to exist in the moment, as difficult as it may be.  Yet, there is something about living in the present that keeps us from going to the other side.  The end of the story somehow gets fixed, healed, restored, forgiven or resolved.  I have never heard someone say that they were really glad that they exerted a ton of anxiety and stress during a rough situation.  The reality is that there will be more times like this and even attempting this philosophy in tiny strides when conflict arises.  Before you know it, you will get better at this and will find that this is a much healthier and happier road. 

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