we, all are innovators

From the dress you see on the right to Macklemore.  My son’s subscription to Popular Science has been my “need a break from editing for a sec” read.  Innovation is everywhere.

aug 15 blog

What sparks innovation?  I believe it is a passion and need.  The vision of what the world will look like once it is established is the motivator to keep going. You cannot go down the road of innovation with out enjoyment about the subject.  Many hours are spent developing, so enjoyment is a must.  Knowing from the beginning  moments of discouragement and feelings of failure will occur.  Moving past this, as you learn more along the way, may be the one thing that allows you to finish and launch your project.  Then, you will have the opportunity to sit back as it is sent out into the universe, and witness what happens.

This morning I read an article about Macklemore’s rise to fame.  Wow, he has worked for fourteen years to get where he is, but no one owns him. They are fully independent of any record label, which means they are innovators.  As he writes the music about second-hand shopping as a cool thing, seems to be a camel that show up in most of his videos, and my youngest son just requested he gets his hair like Mackelmore .

I do love the spirit of innovation that we have been born with.

One thought on “we, all are innovators

  1. Great post! Although it seems today that everything has been done and re-done, there are still plenty fresh approaches and new ideas left. I think it’s important to learn as much as we teach, especially from the younger generation.

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