February is  a LOVE-ly month, is it not?  With Valentine’s day just a few days away, we at Carper Creative have been inspired by our clients who exude and epitomize love just by being themselves in thier photographs.  Whether it is a married couple doting on each other, or a child beaming with warmth and beauty, it is truly love that adds magic to a photograph.  There is nothing quite like capturing it with a camera.  We are excited to devote the rest of February to blogging about just that!  Meet Bobby and Caroline – wed in Birmingham, Alabama.  This is what happens when a Presbyterian marries a Hindu.  The outcome is heavenly.


The bride wore an Olia Zavozina dress with genuine pearls down the back seam.  Her bridesmaids were adorned with Wedgewood broaches she gave to them as gifts.  Guests dined at a tented sit down dinner, and sipped Vueve Clicquot champagne…like we said – heavenly!!


Congratulations to the love birds!!  You can find more of the images of their wedding on our Facebook page.  We have devoted an album to this beautiful couple.!/carperphoto


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