mountains, flowers, love and castles!


Here I am….here is what I have been up to…


Château de Chillon, in Montreux, Switzerland



While photographing this delightful home, an older gentlemen wanted me to have cafe with him.  It took many times to tell him that I could not, as I was needing to leave town.  My family was watching this exchange from the car across the street and when I got back in the car, my smallest said, “mom, why didn’t you give him a kiss”!  Heading over the Swiss Alps to Vevey, Switzerland.  As you go across the border one of the main things that we noticed between the two countries were the condition of the roofs.  In Italy, there may be a roof that has been patched a dozen times over it’s life, the Swiss will replace their roof with a new one.



and over the mountains we go…




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