Swiss chocolate is sweet, but not as sweet as Swiss friends…


















First week was full of new opportunities and new relationships.

The kids are enjoying the  lifestyle of fresh food, eating late and afternoon chill time.  IMG_0939

                      Here are our dear lifelong friends, the Meyers.  Their daughter will be coming to live with us this fall, as she is interning with us in event design  .  I can’t wait for her to be a part of our family. IMG_0831


IMG_1040 IMG_1064 IMG_1089 IMG_1103 IMG_1124

Before photography, there was music.  We toured in Europe from 1996-1999, so we had to relearn some songs with the kids, because our concert promoter’s music shop was celebrating their 10th anniversary.  It was a bit of a throw back, but it was fun!

Kenneth and Chris hit the antique market in Vevey, where Charlie Chaplin lived.  Chris found a pair of sunglasses made by Zeiss.  I think that they are from the seventies as they are a bit oversized.

IMG_1154 IMG_1171


Leaving Vevey was sad, as our families had really enjoyed being together.  Off to Northern Italy, back over the swiss alps.  Great weather accompanied us and we were heading into unknown territory.  Canelli, Italy was the destination.  Neither Chris nor I have been there, but great opportunity awaited.  More about that next time!

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