Why we are obsessed with albums…

IMG_0908 L03

As you know, we at Carper Creative love weddings.  It is our passion to capture what makes each couple special and unique, and celebrate that through photographs of the wedding day.  It is our hope to tell a story with those images, and there is no better way to do that than with a wedding album.  Living in a digital age, everything is so quickly  transactional .  Often digital files stay in a computer and are never even printed.  Our albums are thought out and well designed and will be there to tell the story of your wedding day to your children and grandchildren.  Everything that we have printed is archival guaranteed to last over 100 years. Embossing your name and date for future generations to admire.


We are here to aid you in choosing images for your album.  We meet to go through the images and help you decide which photos work best for your story.  Too many in an album can be overwhelming. Many times less is more, and printing the final selections large truly is impactful.  After helping you decide which images you want included, it will move into the hands of an expert design team, as well as a photo editing team.  Your story passes through many talented hands, ensuring the best product.

We value the work that goes into creating your album, so we have all the layouts included saved.  You will receive a high-resolution digital copy of them as well as a back up.  If something were to happen to your album or it gets damaged, we can go back to print for you at cost – the work has already been done!  It is a timeless archival product that becomes all yours!



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