Build and they will come…..

WE ARE MOVING…….things are shaken’ up in here!         #movingmadefun

My studio will be moved to a new site as of August one.  A fun area near the River Market, where I can walk to mail my letters and have coffee a few stores down!


We will be posting the remodel and have had a wonderful team of creatives burning some night oil.  I will enjoy letting you see the process of the renovation.  So here it goes… IMG_5023  IMG_5039IMG_5035   We will be renovating as a shoot space as well as a comfortable theater room, where we will view images and an amazing production space.

We are constructing the space to support the local art market also, showings and gatherings are on the agenda, because it seems that I never see enough of my favorite people.


More to come from Carper Creative Photography.


2 thoughts on “Build and they will come…..

  1. Amy…I love getting your updates…….from my long ago visit -a memory– a question–….was now married brother-in-law Phillip the young teenager moaning on your couch years ago, experiencing growing pains in his legs…??? I remember feeling so sorry for him as it seemed very agonizing …just a curious….

    Anyway, our update from the Rogue…all is well with us…Gina continues her underwriting with United Health Care; we still have Foster Day Care Home business; Pacific Bible College and New Tribes Mission are next in line for the Master’s Workshop in which I am now building modular travel trailers; daughter Tatiana, 16+ is about to be a Junior this fall and is an aspiring Fashion Designer with a passion for /photography /(loves it) as well…would you consider an intern sometime???–/just ask’n/…Erin leaves for London next week on a visit/holiday, Brian & Brianna (San Luis Obispo)..Brian is seeking a College BB Coaching job and has apps in various states. God is good and life is well as we continue with Ministries at Community Bible Church here in Central Point, Oregon.

    How are your Mom & Dad doing in New Mexico? Please tell your Dad that I am so, sooooo thankful for his skillful work. My dentist always remarks that my 26 year old implants (your Dad installed) “../.look like they were done last year/” Kyle & Lydia & family? We think of you and your family often. And there are those occasional La Jolla reminisces when we gather with Grandma Marilyn and George ( who live just minutes away)…and you should know that we so appreciate the New Creation music which still cycles through our CD loop all the time…

    The Rogue Valley is truly photogenic…come stay awhile…/just say’n..! Blessings, Tim /

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