These are all the reasons I love red heads!

127_K207_Ashcraft Wedding       In July we had the opportunity to photograph couple that defines fun.

Monica and Christian finally sealed the deal, with a very large group of friends, a pretty pooch and a killer dance party!

Monica chose an Allure gown, it was perfect with her petite figure.  Christian showed up sporting a pair of Christian

Louboutin’s, that he wore well.  A sweet give away by her daddy, as she graced a blusher.  Off to the party where

Al Paris and the Heartbreakers,  shared the spotlight with Monica and Christian.  They gave an outstanding performance and

entertained the crowd for hours.        Enjoy these!

se!011_K207_Ashcraft Wedding 064_K207_Ashcraft Wedding 208_K207_Ashcraft Wedding 211_K207_Ashcraft Wedding 234_K207_Ashcraft Wedding 260_K207_Ashcraft Wedding 273_K207_Ashcraft Wedding 319_K207_Ashcraft Wedding 334_K207_Ashcraft Wedding 340_K207_Ashcraft Wedding 386_K207_Ashcraft Wedding 390_K207_Ashcraft Wedding 465_K207_Ashcraft Wedding 503_K207_Ashcraft Wedding 508_K207_Ashcraft Wedding

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