Beauty and the lamb and chickens…

094_K175_Styled Shoot at AllensThere we were with Sam the lamb and the chickens….I was in my element, feeling a deep connection with the model and the animal.  Sam was heavier than expected, and quite precocious.  It was love at first site!

The Carper family owns chickens, so we LOVE them.  These were Buff Orpingtons, which are my personal favorites.  They are the chickens that are always shown in English children’s books.

We finally have a few of our own and they are so wonderful!  I had just wished that we had put milk in the jugs.

Back to the subject, Moss Mountain Farm delivered the beauty of fowl, lambs and beauty.  Enjoy!

099_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 104_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 105_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 107_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 110_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 112_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 113_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 116_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 118_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 119_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 122_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 127_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 129_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 131_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens

Here is the creative team:  James Sumpter with P. Allens Moss Mountain Farm/ Tanarah Luxe Floral/ Rachel Haynes Events/ Proposals/ The Bridal Cottage/Sweet Love Bakery/ Kakki Jones hair and make-up/photography by Amy Carper and photo assisting and styling by Stacy Kinzler.

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