133_K175_Styled Shoot at AllensThe day closed with an amazing sunset. Look at the details of this incredible bouquets, made by Tanarah and her team.  We quickly set things in to place as the sun was lowering with it’s spring warmth. You will see the set table in the middle of the golden flowers, set with perfection amongst a beautiful canvas. The sun set and we shot through twilight.  Ellianna’s dress was a slim fitting gown with a lace overlay that the sunset fell in love with. As we called for a wrap, this is the last day that we will be sharing this magical shoot at Moss Mountain Farm. Once again, here is the creative team that made this all possible: James Sumpter with P. Allens Moss Mountain Farm/ Tanarah Luxe Floral/ Rachel Haynes Events/ Proposals/ The Bridal Cottage/Sweet Love Bakery/ Kakki Jones hair and make-up/photography by Amy Carper and photo assisting and styling by Stacy Kinzler. 152_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 137_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens161_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens175_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens

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