in a blink they will be grown….from a mama’s heart

It is something that you hear from parents that are a season ahead of you.  It rolls off the tongues of grandparents every time they see the kids, it actually gets exhausting to hear how fast that kids grow.

Then it happens, and you see it for yourself.  A documentary format  running in your mind of how your life is going to look in a few years, you feel a bit nauseous as you think about them driving a car on a real road, not a video game.  As you get anxious behind the knees thinking about dating, hormones, drugs, peers and oh then there is the college application process…..ok I promise I’m done.

After I gather myself up from a dazed and confused “mind coast”,  I go to a place that is safe for me; that I am not in control and that God, my greatest source, is helping me out with this parenting thing.  As I begin to breathe again, center and realize that onions are the one missing ingredient for the dinner that hungry kids will devour tonight, I grab my keys and head out to a pre-school pick up grocery run.

Are you wondering at this point, why have kids in the first place?  Its ok if you are, as this is a safe place, I mean its a blog post on Facebook!

When I look at these faces, Ken was 10  ( now almost 16) , Kate was 8 ( now almost 14)  and Kyle was 10 ( still 10 ).

IMG_2528 copy lilly #2 copy (1) copy


This concept of photography was birthed out of a trip that I took to the west.  I headed out for a creative journey, and came back knowing that we as parents, forget to capture this season of our kids life.  The in between,  the metamorphous,  the awkward.  IS it possible that it is the “awkward” stage, because it is what we make it?

You will see that there is grain in the images, that is because life is full of grit and tough stuff.  You can also see that the eyes are clear, because the eyes are the window to the soul.  There can be a lot of debris in life, but  I can look at my kids straight in the eye as I  communicate with them, I see and learn a lot.  These are specifically printed on a paperthat I hand chose, it’s a heavy bodied paper, that is archival.  Just like life, it ages and needs substance to live a long time.  These are all of the reasons that I will not stop printing my work.

“Expressions of Innocennce”  is commissions of children between the ages of 9-13, where they are rapidly changing.  I want to remember the full cheeks and the innocence, when we are climbing the face of Everest as teenagers.

I believe that who you are at 10 is who you will be for the rest of your life.

Many times your life changes, but your passions and giftings remain.

with love,  Amy Carper

A few updated images from Uncle Philips wedding this summer, so you can see how quick they change.

Kate with her PaPa

IMG_6828           Chris, Uncle Phillip, Kenneth and Kyle


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