Boys becoming men and the power of connection

It is easier for me to say that I do not need “anyone”  than it is admitting that I need “someone”. -amy carper


The reason for this is because when we say that we “need” something or someone, actually hearing ourselves forming the words and telling this to someone, makes us feel vulnerable and potentially weak.  Hopefully, you have chosen wisely the person that will hear you.  Regardless of the recipients response, you have been brave.

This type of exchange is very natural for children, they are less likely to feel bad for asking  for something that they need, they do it without fear or hesitation.  The beauty of asking has faded away with responses of rejection, shame and judgement.  A reminder to our self not to try that again.

I am learning the power of connection.  Photographing these brothers, reminded me of the importance of connection, true connection.  You will see that there is no question that these brothers share something very special.


“I feel a bit envious of childhood, next best thing is to stay close to it”.




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