Forgetting what summer is like…please remind.

Rain, rain go away.  IT’s either the answer to the farmer’s prayer or a curse that he has feared.  Either way, its wet, gloomy and frizzles your hair-do.


I decided to share just a little bit of what summer looks like here at Carper Farm.  We had the privilege of hosting a backyard wedding for my brother in law Phillip and his bride Stephanie (btw, LOVE HER!  Finally another woman on the Carper side).  I also gained Anna Belle, now my niece and oh how she makes life sweet.

You will see summer solstice, as you are taken away by the greenery.  Remember people, summer equals hot!  With this, enjoy a Friday evening, with still a bit of chill in the air as all is preparing for spring.

Love and Breathe,

015_K311_Carper wedding022_K311_Carper wedding032_K311_Carper wedding053_K311_Carper wedding070_K311_Carper wedding
102_K311_Carper wedding084_K311_Carper wedding191_K311_Carper wedding_1133_K311_Carper wedding149_K311_Carper wedding_1166_K311_Carper wedding_1193_K311_Carper wedding197_K311_Carper wedding228_K311_Carper wedding252_K311_Carper wedding255_K311_Carper wedding256_K311_Carper wedding319_K311_Carper wedding_1

amy carper

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