a bit more style

We are so proud to have James Grimes apart of Carper Creative Photography.  What did we do without him?  He began with us in 2017, though it seems like he has been with us forever, intrinsically a perfect fit!  He is our in-house stylist. We are in love and so are our clients!IMG_9132

He consults our clients on clothing, feel and concept of the photo shoot.  It’s amazing how our clients are responding to this service, seeing the value this service is seamlessly providing for them. James consults on clothing styles, which helps, especially when coordinating a large family in a shot.  Owner Amy Carper, is proud to be offering this service to all of her clients, from corporate to kids.

James is a graduate of Little Rock Central High and continued his education at UCA as a fine art major.  For the last 10 years he may have helped you at The Gap, as lead merchandiser.  His laid back approach makes every person that he consults feel at ease.  Amy loves that he is a bit of a minimalist, which parallels her style of photography.  Not to mention that his energy is contagious. We just want him to stay around and weigh in on all of the creative projects that we are working on. It’s also a nice change to have a man working in the studio.  It’s a fun balance (plus he is so tall, which is handy)!

For those who have gotten a chance to work with James, your appreciation for his services have made him feel welcome here at Carper Creative Photography. We are honored to have him apart of the team!



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