I am Amy Carper, many people know me as a photographer, but that does not define me fully.  I am on the journey, just like you.  Learning not to attach what I do as my complete value.  Approaching 40, no longer frightens me, but spiders do!  Like you, I am learning everyday as I live life.  My blog’s purpose is still under construction, but I am getting closer to the why.  Your expectations might be to see visual candy, but I think it might be about other areas of my life that are special to me.  Thank you, no really.


One thought on “About

  1. Dear Amy and Chris & Family ….so good to find you! and I love your “new” work Amy as well as your beautiful music….which I play constantly….the journey continues…working into this 8th decade and never busier. Gina and I and Tatiana, our daughter whom we adopted 7 years ago (we’re in grade five) , now reside in Central Point in the beautiful Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon..we are in a great fellowship here @ Community Bible Church, maintain ties in Orange County and have a network of Christian Foster Care Homes for Disabled Adults which we are expanding. In addition to other endeavors. I am building The Master’s Workshop which will be on line in 2012 providing pragmatic trades training (auto, wood metal etc) for Bible College Graduates prior to entering the Mission Field.

    God is good; life is full and our surroundings are filled with His creations…Trust all is well with your family and your Mom and Dad Amy. I miss all of you and treasure the time this Ragamuffin enjoyed with you…

    Blessings to all…if you have the time, I’d love an update…

    In Christ,

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