it’s GOOD for me…

You know when something just feels good?  Not like the 2nd glass of wine or the aftertaste of a perfectly baked morsel, more like the good that your soul feels when an “out of the ordinary” moment or encounter takes place?  It usually happens when there is no expectation attached, many times it is unplanned.

This GOOD feeling thing is a thing.

I am still learning about it, but I never forget when I feel it.  This time that I am away, I have been more intentionally aware of it,  that is the gate to the road towards this.

I try and keep it simple:

Take care of your body– eat or drink something that makes you feel GOOD (mine is green juice and then some days it is a poached egg on a great piece of toast with butter).

-Do something that makes your body feel good (mine is stretching).

Try something out of the ordinary for your mind– read something out of the ordinary, pick up a pencil and a blank notebook and see what comes out.  (mine is historical fiction and journaling).

STOP, for the sake of your SOUL.  For those that this scares, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF LISTENING TO YOUR OWN BREATH.  Start short, start small, and as you see thoughts and distractions intoxicate your head, see them leave and listen for your breath.  If you are so courageous to try this, please let me know how it went.  Tell me how you felt after.  I will share my experience another time, all I will say about my experience is that I was a complete virgin to this, which added to the significance of beginning this practice.  I had NO CLUE what I was doing, so don’t be intimidated by it, just try it and update me.

Then GO, do you and your day.

Before you go to sleep,  check in on yourself, if there is something there, write it down.  Ask yourself if anything struck you as “different”, unique, etc.

After you TOOK CARE of your body, TRIED something different for your MIND, attempted to QUIET your SOUL… before you went on with your day, did it feel good?

love you people.

amy carper

ill explain a bit:

me and a young man, he needed to tell someone that he was enough, I got to be that person!

all things flowers

me with my person

my kids antics in the a.m. , due to my late nightness disorder, I see what I have missed out on,

taco,  he gets to ride up the driveway, it makes him feel GOOD

the other two pups, Cleo and Hans.  Hans loves her.

the water

a restroom sign in Italy -hilarious to me

Summer instead of fall, let me explain

Summer Family Portrait Event

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I was born in the fall, so it comes into a close second to Spring for me.  I am not going to waste your time, so here the photography season goes:


Consumers think that this is an awful time to have photographs done.

Why,  its awesome!

  •      Cloudy weather makes amazingly stunning images
  •      This southern weather is actually doable compared to many other states
  •      The graphics of trees with no leaves can be stunning in the background
  •      The sun sets at a slightly different direction, the tone is unique to other seasons
  •      Your photographer is not wore out, but is revived after a rest



No offense, but your intentions are not being followed through.  I hear all the time, ” I want to have my family photographed in the spring”, but then it turns into fall!

No need to explain why spring shoots have such a great feel,  well I’ll give you a few:

  • The green foliage is a different color than any other time of the year.
  • no chiggers, bugs or mosquitos



I KNOW it seems busy with your weird schedule, but  there are also sunsets that end at 8:20 pm and cool mornings prior to 9:00am.

The real story,  customers begin thinking about their Holiday Cards when they are hauling boxes of decorations out of their attic and or eating turkey.  Last year I decided to have a photo taken of my family in the summer and when I used it on my card of us standing in front of our bikes on Coronado Island, it was so refreshing.

I am encouraging you to take advantage of our summer portrait event!  If you are at the beach or Disney World, and decide to hire a photographer in the area, that is a great option for your catalog of memories and social media, but I am fairly certain that you will not be hanging that in your dining room.

  • Take advantage of having a few months of a different schedule
  • Consider having me meet you in a special location that means a lot to you and your kids
  • Plan an evening of it, after the shoot take the kids to dinner as you are all dressed up
  • Let our stylist help you with your outfits, as Amy will be helping you with overall feel and location if needed.
  • Pull some inspiration from Pinterest and while doing so, imagine your family in an image that moves you,  visualize it hanging as an impact piece in your home.
  • One last thing, take advantage that I am in town all summer.  Launching our oldest to another country in the fall has planted us here for summer 2018.



  • everyone is doing it
  • limited time and creativity due to sheer volume
  • expecting me to create a masterpiece so that it can live on a card and then be thrown away, makes me not love my job.

Thanks for your time…amy carper

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