‘Tis the season on the Manor- a photographic project

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Creative synergy and pure beauty is just the start to the Goodwin Manor shoot.  Deliberately using a red gown, by Valentino, gave us the drama that we were searching for.

We will be sharing this for the next few days, we ended in a woman’s tuxedo that was kindly provided by Beige clothing boutique in down town Little Rock, next to Amy’s studio.



IMG_5692 Here is the creative crew that made it all happen:

Love Life Stories by Carper Creative Photography

Amy Carper – Owner, Photographer/ https://www.facebook.com/carperphoto website: www.carperphoto.com

Rachel Haynes/https://m.facebook.com/RachelHaynesEvents  website:  Rachelhaynesevents.com

Tanarah Luxe Floral/https://www.facebook.com/Tanarah-Luxe-Floral-299119830142019 website: tanarahluxefloral.com

Andrea Goodwin, Owner
Goodwin manor/https://m.facebook.com/pages/Goodwin-Manor/1635016630076477

TracyCakes/ www.tracycakesar.com

BEIGE :  https://www.facebook.com/beigelittlerock website: http://www.beigelr.com

Hair:   Rachael Young/ rachaelleighyoung95@gmail.com

Make up:  Angel Burt/Naturallyfab.angel@gmail.com

Levi Miller & Anthony Byrnes Forestland Films/ www.forestlandfilms.com/https://vimeo.com/user43078396

Brooke Duszota
Model Manager with Sculp Agency/www.sculpagency.com 

IMG_5612IMG_5643 IMG_5639 IMG_5606 IMG_5600 IMG_5584

Beauty and the lamb and chickens…

094_K175_Styled Shoot at AllensThere we were with Sam the lamb and the chickens….I was in my element, feeling a deep connection with the model and the animal.  Sam was heavier than expected, and quite precocious.  It was love at first site!

The Carper family owns chickens, so we LOVE them.  These were Buff Orpingtons, which are my personal favorites.  They are the chickens that are always shown in English children’s books.

We finally have a few of our own and they are so wonderful!  I had just wished that we had put milk in the jugs.

Back to the subject, Moss Mountain Farm delivered the beauty of fowl, lambs and beauty.  Enjoy!

099_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 104_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 105_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 107_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 110_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 112_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 113_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 116_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 118_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 119_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 122_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 127_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 129_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens 131_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens

Here is the creative team:  James Sumpter with P. Allens Moss Mountain Farm/ Tanarah Luxe Floral/ Rachel Haynes Events/ Proposals/ The Bridal Cottage/Sweet Love Bakery/ Kakki Jones hair and make-up/photography by Amy Carper and photo assisting and styling by Stacy Kinzler.

Then the magic happened at the farm… Day 2

We were all getting warmed up, there was a slight crisp in the air and Ellianna (our model) was finding her center.  The sun burned through a few clouds as the head piece was placed,  the wind blew and I entered the ZONE.  This is where I really am completely unaware of anything around me and I become 100% dialed into the moment.  Tweaking angles and directing feelings, I am quiet, then a few random shrieks come out of me, from the depths of where pure joy lives, and people around laugh.  This is when I know that beauty is being created, with micro-intensity, I want to make sure that the reader sees what I am witnessing.

    073_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens070_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens080_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens

071_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens

068_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens088_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens

082_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens  091_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens

After this concept, we took a break and our next setting was with Sam the lamb, I was most excited about this.  I will post those in the next few days.

Here is the creative team:  James Sumpter with P. Allens Moss Mountain Farm/ Tanarah Luxe Floral/ Rachel Haynes Events/ Proposals/ The Bridal Cottage/Sweet Love Bakery/ Kakki Jones hair and make-up.

Need a little more of this


Last week I spent a little time in my archives.  This is something I always long to do, but do not have the time to do.  It is important to me though, whether it is a personal project, taking some shots of my life  and kids or photographing a paid client, to reflect is always different from when I shot it.

I ran across this and it made me smile.  This project was a pro-bono job for the school my kids attend.  The  one with lighter skin is my youngest and as you can see, these are smiles that he gets to see everyday,  It might just be the one thing that he looks forward to seeing are these friends.

I could not help myself to reflect on this and acknowledge something, no matter our skin tone,  that all we really want is to love and be loved.  A child does this well and I must learn much from them.


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