Summer instead of fall, let me explain

Summer Family Portrait Event

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I was born in the fall, so it comes into a close second to Spring for me.  I am not going to waste your time, so here the photography season goes:


Consumers think that this is an awful time to have photographs done.

Why,  its awesome!

  •      Cloudy weather makes amazingly stunning images
  •      This southern weather is actually doable compared to many other states
  •      The graphics of trees with no leaves can be stunning in the background
  •      The sun sets at a slightly different direction, the tone is unique to other seasons
  •      Your photographer is not wore out, but is revived after a rest



No offense, but your intentions are not being followed through.  I hear all the time, ” I want to have my family photographed in the spring”, but then it turns into fall!

No need to explain why spring shoots have such a great feel,  well I’ll give you a few:

  • The green foliage is a different color than any other time of the year.
  • no chiggers, bugs or mosquitos



I KNOW it seems busy with your weird schedule, but  there are also sunsets that end at 8:20 pm and cool mornings prior to 9:00am.

The real story,  customers begin thinking about their Holiday Cards when they are hauling boxes of decorations out of their attic and or eating turkey.  Last year I decided to have a photo taken of my family in the summer and when I used it on my card of us standing in front of our bikes on Coronado Island, it was so refreshing.

I am encouraging you to take advantage of our summer portrait event!  If you are at the beach or Disney World, and decide to hire a photographer in the area, that is a great option for your catalog of memories and social media, but I am fairly certain that you will not be hanging that in your dining room.

  • Take advantage of having a few months of a different schedule
  • Consider having me meet you in a special location that means a lot to you and your kids
  • Plan an evening of it, after the shoot take the kids to dinner as you are all dressed up
  • Let our stylist help you with your outfits, as Amy will be helping you with overall feel and location if needed.
  • Pull some inspiration from Pinterest and while doing so, imagine your family in an image that moves you,  visualize it hanging as an impact piece in your home.
  • One last thing, take advantage that I am in town all summer.  Launching our oldest to another country in the fall has planted us here for summer 2018.



  • everyone is doing it
  • limited time and creativity due to sheer volume
  • expecting me to create a masterpiece so that it can live on a card and then be thrown away, makes me not love my job.

Thanks for your time…amy carper

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