Then the magic happened at the farm… Day 2

We were all getting warmed up, there was a slight crisp in the air and Ellianna (our model) was finding her center.  The sun burned through a few clouds as the head piece was placed,  the wind blew and I entered the ZONE.  This is where I really am completely unaware of anything around me and I become 100% dialed into the moment.  Tweaking angles and directing feelings, I am quiet, then a few random shrieks come out of me, from the depths of where pure joy lives, and people around laugh.  This is when I know that beauty is being created, with micro-intensity, I want to make sure that the reader sees what I am witnessing.

    073_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens070_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens080_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens

071_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens

068_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens088_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens

082_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens  091_K175_Styled Shoot at Allens

After this concept, we took a break and our next setting was with Sam the lamb, I was most excited about this.  I will post those in the next few days.

Here is the creative team:  James Sumpter with P. Allens Moss Mountain Farm/ Tanarah Luxe Floral/ Rachel Haynes Events/ Proposals/ The Bridal Cottage/Sweet Love Bakery/ Kakki Jones hair and make-up.

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