All are at peace

2013-03-19 11.52.23 Today is a really special day, there is no major agenda or event happening, but each of the seven people who our living in this casa are peaceful.  I will not expect it to last all day or even for another second, but for this moment, I will recognize it.

As in any family, there will be one person that is happy and at peace when there may be someone else that is in angst and conflict.  This can be very difficult to not let that apprehension seep over  to everyone.  So, we have a tongue in cheek phrase, called a “force field”.  The kids understand this and often use it amidst themselves.

Today, so far no force fields have had to be used and it is beautiful!  I will breathe it in and treasure it.

As we are retreating to the home my parents always dreamed of building, in    N. New Mexico.  It is a piece of art and how grateful I am to be here with them as we teach, learn and inspire each other.2013-03-19 12.01.31

2013-03-19 12.02.05

2013-03-19 12.00.53

2013-03-19 11.55.542013-03-19 12.05.00

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